Friday, September 17, 2010

California Family History Expo Countdown - 3 weeks and counting

I think it's time to promote what I will be doing at the Family History Expo in Pleasanton in 3 weeks (Oct. 8-9). I will be teaching 3 classes, 2 on Friday and 1 on Saturday:

# 3 - 10am Friday - County Websites: An Overlooked Resource

Here we will examine some of the information available on the websites set up for genealogical research within the different County sites as well as how to determine what county a city is in (and was in) and how to find the sites themselves.

#33 - 4:30pm Friday - Shaking the Myth: Proving/Disproving Family Stories

Here we will discuss a method by which anyone can get an upper hand on determining the truth or falsehood of a family legend. It's both fun and educational.

#38 - 8:00am Saturday - Clue to Clue: Tracking a Family Across Time and Miles

This is one of my most popular programs; it is a case study of a family with descriptions of the methods I used to find them as they went from state to state over a period of about 50 years. There's a lot of humor in this one.

Plus, Butch and I will be doing period music (and maybe a few original pieces) during the lunch hour in the exhibit hall. Our CDs will be available for purchase from the Family History Expos Booth (#67-69). So come to the event, say "hi," and have a great time! (Click the logo below to get to the event website.)

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