Thursday, August 12, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - 12 August 2010 - John Brown's Civil Air Patrol Patches

These belonged to my granduncle, John ("Bun") Brown. He kept an active pilot's license until he was in his 90s! (No, he didn't continue to fly then, but he carried that license with pride.)

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  1. Hi, Jean -

    Thanks for posting this photo!

    My name is Major Ace Browning, and I am a Civil Air Patrol historian. I wanted to introduce myself, as I collect, preserve and document uniform history like the items of your late granduncle John. I maintain and display a collection of CAP insignia for various events, as well as share that collection on the internet for those who can not view it in person -

    If you would ever like to put John's Civil Air Patrol artifacts is good, responsable hands. I would love the opportunity. I would document the information you have about his CAP and aviation career on the website, as well as display a photo of him along with images of the insignia for all to see and learn.

    Thanks for your time and for your ancestry blog. I also keep track of my family's geneology as well!