Friday, January 22, 2010

Countdown to Mesa, AZ Expo, 22-23 Jan 2010, It's NOW!

At Mesa. And, with all this rain, many who arrived by ark, are finding warmth and dry in this convention center. We drove down on Wednesday to try to out-run the storm (we did, but then the next one caught up to us). The dogs aren't thrilled, but it's "vacation" and that word means something exciting to them (at least they jump all over when we say it).

We've already done a couple of mini-concerts. If you are here, stop by booth #11 and say HI and let's talk about ancestors & music. Tomorrow (Sat) we'll be doing our "To Zion in Song" program. It's going to be a busy weekend ... the rain may dampen our clothes, but not our spirits!


  1. I am missing it!!!! Darn! I really need a four wheel drive!

  2. I've enjoyed your music in the exhibit hall. Great entertainment and history to boot.