Thursday, August 27, 2009

Countdown to Salt Lake Expo, Generation Maps, booth 401-403

We have arrived. Spent some time in Salt Lake doing research & finding a ton of information for a friend . . . using FamilySearch (the library catalog), New FamilySearch, and RootsMagic, together with the microfilms of a small village in Germany, took me back into the 1600s for her line! I think I'm as excited as she is.

Speaking of excitement, there is a ton of it over at the Expo Center in Sandy, where we are now. The exhibit hall is taking shape with all sorts of genealogy-related materials! We just put up the basics of our booth (are bringing in the instruments tomorrow morning) and are pleased to be part of this event. Saw Generations Maps beginning their unloading process just as we were leaving.

They are in booth 401-403. Check out their cool ways of displaying your entire family.

Hope to see you at Expo . . . it all begins tomorrow morning at 7am (for registration).

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